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Home for me is in the beautiful Champlain Valley of northern Vermont. I have been working with metal for many years and started out by learning the techniques of working with and casting metal (mainly gold) via the “lost wax” method. I also do some woodcarving and woodwork. It was my good fortune to be mentored by a very highly skilled metal sculptor quite early on. By combining what he so generously taught me with much experimentation in technique and design, I have developed the style seen in my sculptures- a style I feel to be somewhat unique.

When making nature pieces I look for ideas in what may be observed hiking on Vermont’s Long Trail and canoeing its quiet ponds and rivers. There is no dogged attempt to create in exact detail what is seen, rather observations serve as inspiration in creating a sculpture using a combination of plants that may actually be found in nature along with plants of my imagination. By combining reality with whimsy, and by the use of various techniques , both the beauty of a natural setting as well as the beauty inherent in the metals used are highlighted. In other pieces (mailboxes, bikes, carts etc.) I try to take a slice of everyday life ( usually more rural in theme) and from that try to create something unique and of interest.

Copper, bronze and brass are used for leaves, wings etc. and steel for the “structural” elements. All cutting is done by hand using metal-shears, angle grinder, oxy/acetylene torch etc. All welding and brazing as well as much of the shaping is done by torch. No paints are used on the pieces. All coloration (on the leaves, wings and so on) is achieved by “flame-coloring”- using the torch flame at various temperatures to bring out the natural colors of the copper. Due to the amount of hand manipulation used as well as the flame-coloring no two pieces are exactly alike.

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