Maggie Neale

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Color has always been important to Maggie.  She was making crayon drawings before she could talk, painted through school, and was awarded Outstanding Artist in high school.  With a BFA from Bowling Green State University, Ohio, she taught art, established an art gallery in Michigan, and studied watercolor with Kagi Aso in Boston. In 1976 Maggie and her husband moved to Chelsea, VT to raise their family. Once the children were grown, she moved to Montpelier to work with the group running Artisans Hand Craft Gallery.  In 1995 she studied silk painting and created Color Musings, a successful business of hand painted silks/hangings. 

Maggie’s work, in both silks and oils, is mainly abstract as she is exploring her evolution and forms of expression of life's journey.  She is interested in exploring textures, layers, and what lies below the surface.  Her forms are simplified color fields in complex hues with energy and movement captured.  This breath within the painting keeps the colors invigorated and active.  Color can be healing and her hope is that these paintings, whether on silk or canvas, find ways to enhance the lives of many others.


Gallery Hours: Monday-Saturday 10-6, Sunday 12-4
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