Steve Noyes

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Steve began making sculptures out of copper and glass after graduating from college in the late sixties in Boston. Soon after, he traded these materials for gemstones, silver, and gold, and began translating his work into jewelry. He set out on a forty-year odyssey along the Artisan Trail to work and explore. After opening a small craft gallery in Boulder Colorado he moved to Vermont in 1972 where he has lived ever since. In 1978 he and other artisans opened Artisans Hand craft gallery.

Steve travels whenever he can get the chance and collects precious materials from all over to incorporate into his work, including emeralds from Colombia, opals from Mexico, and coral from Taiwan.  Steve designs and produces each piece using either 14K gold or sterling silver, and a variety of individually selected gemstones.


Gallery Hours: Monday-Saturday 10-6, Sunday 12-4
89 Main St/City Center Montpelier, Vermont 05602 | (802) 229-9492 |

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